Keith & Monica's engagement

Keith & Monica's wedding will be in Aberdeen on April 22nd 2000.

The story of YES/F--k off

New years eve, Great party going on. At the strike of midnight, music goes off Keith and Monica are asked to come to the center. Nobody new what was going on, Then Keith like a dog gets on his knee and asks Monica to Marry him I think she said YES, it sounded like a YES, but it could have been F--k OFF. they sound the same. So there is still a dispute on what excactly her answer was. We will Cover this story later on and an investigation is on the way to find out the truth. any way here are some pictures of what happened that night.



The proposal



Who is crying in the back



I think here is when she said F--K Off




Here is the part where Kieth was twisting her arm and telling her SAY YES!!! SAY YES NOW!!!!




Men in Skirts




Monica & Jaz laughing at Keith



Keith cooling off his baloons after Monica hit him there trying to get away from him


Clolin could not beleive monica's Response to the question so as normal he faints from the shock.



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