The Bear And The Rabbit
A male bear and rabbit are wandering through the forest one day, when they suddenly come across a large clearing where they notice a large golden frog sitting on a throne. Curious, they approach him..."Hello animal friends", exclaims the frog, "I am the golden frog of the forest who can grant you each 3 wishes! Please proceed!" The bear goes first, "I wish all the bears in the forest were female!" "Granted!" says the frog Then the rabbit, "I wish I had a little crash helmet."And a tiny crash helmet appears on the rabbit's head. The bear has his 2nd wish, "I wish all the bears in the next forest were female!" "Granted!", exclaims the frog.Then the rabbit, "I wish I had a little motorbike." And a tiny motorcycle appears under the rabbit, he get on and starts revving the engine.

"What are you doing?" questions the bear, "you could have all this great stuff for yourself!?" "Your final wishes please" demands the frog. "OK, f--k it," says the bear, "I wish all the bears in the whole world were female!" "Granted" says the frog. The rabbit then has his final wish; "I wish that bear was gay!" he says and he speeds off on his motorbike.


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