Englishman In Japan
This is a story of an Englishman who goes on a business trip to Japan. After his first day at the office in Tokyo his Japanese colleague takes him out for a night on the town. After several bars and many drinks the Japanese man leads the Englishman to a brothel where he pays for the English guy to stay. As he starts touching the prostitute she gets aroused and a few minutes later she is moaning. As her moans get louder he decides this is the moment and they start having sex, her moans get louder and louder until she starts screaming..." Yishemar..... Yishemar..... Yishemar"... The Englishman thinks 'Oh good, she's loving this' and moves faster......the night goes on. The next day at work he meets his Japanese colleague and thanks him for the night before. To celebrate a successful first day in the country they decide to talk a half day and go to play golf. At the first tee the Japanese guy hits the ball which soars through the air, lands on the green and "plop", goes straight into the hole. The Englishman cries "Yishemar!" thinking it means "Oh Yeaaaah!" to which the Japanese guy turns to him and with a puzzled look says "What do you mean... wrong hole?" <<<Back to main joke page>>>

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