ROADSIGNS Submited by Randa Habib



Three men standing in line waiting to get to into heaven. St. Peter Explains there's been a change in policy: " Heaven's full up, So we're only allowing people who died horrible deaths. What happened to you." The first man replies " I'd suspected my wife of adultery so today I came home early to our flat on the 10th floor I knew she'd been at it, But although I searched the whole apartment I could not find anyone until I went out to the balcony for a breather. And there he was hanging over the edge. So, I started Stamping on his fingers. But he would not let go. So I went back to the flat, Got hammer and started whacking on them. He let go and fell on the ground. Amazingly, he was stunned but still alive. I was so enraged, I ran back inside and picked up the fridge. With all my strength I carried it to the window and dropped it on the blokes head- but with all the Strain, My heart gave out." St. Peter reflects, Then says, O.K. COME IN. The second man starts," Well I live on the 11th Floor and every day I do exercise on my balcony. But today I must have slipped because I fell over the edge. Luckily, I caught the edge of the balcony below mine. I was hanging there when a man came out. I thought I was saved, But instead he started kicking me. I tried to hang on, But when he got the hammer I knew I was doomed. So I dropped, Amazingly When I landed I was still alive. Then this fridge landed on my head" Again St. Peter lets him enter, before turning to the third man. "Picture this: I'm Hiding, Bollok-Naked, inside a fridge……"


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** Dear Dr. Ruth.... ** Sent by Emilio Khoury from Beirut, Lebanon.

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** Silent Order...**


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